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Shit caught me off guard,when I turned on my 360 this morning. Forgot it was happening today.

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I didn't think I'd be in this fucked of a position again.At least not for a loooooooooooooooooooooooong ass time. Thanks to the holiday this week on top of the crumbling economy,my business and money has been incredibly fucked. Doing the math,I've actually been LOSING money by going into work this week. I really don't fucking need this,especially with two tickets due this month and a $90 driver's license renewal.I'm losing my patience with this shit...
08 started good(New job,new car,new friends),but since the middle of August,it's been going down a shitty path.Anyway,those of you that I was supposed to meet and hang out with this weekend at AUSA,I won't be able to make it and for that I apologize. being a responsible person and paying my debt is keeping me away.But hopefully I will see the lot of you at manganext and Nekocon,providing cashflow picks up and I can make it.Fuck,I think I'm gonna pull a wise move and take today off,bounce back friday.Anyone want to get in contact and do something today,hit me up.

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Oh man I'm gonna be so broke...I need to go to work...As most of the masses know,GTA IV dropped tuesday morning at midnight.I can successfully say I've found the game to keep me busy this summer.Anyway I guess if I can peel myself off this couch and go to work,then this weekend I'll probably hit up Sakura Matsuri in BBG for a bit.But after that it's work,work WORK...and jury duty next week...unless I can get out of it...Anyway I have such a busy summer con schedule I need to save up money...and re-evaluate which ones I really need to go to.

First up,
Anime Mid Atlantic: June 12-15
AnimeNEXT: June 19-22(might just give up my room reservation for this one and commute)
Anime Expo: July 2-7
Otakon: August 7-10
Dragon*Con:Really on the fence with whether I want to go to this one this year.
My wallet hurts...

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Well the fates must be against me going to Anime boston this year.What with my funds being so low thanks to being inbetween jobs and AB being so close after Katsucon this year,and the fact that the other night I hit a pothole and blew out a tire,or cracked a rim(Praying it's not the latter,list price for my rim is $700) If it weren't for helping Aaron transport the goods to the convention,I wouldn't bother going at this point.However,as they say "The Show Must Go On!" Here's to hoping that my Taxi license comes in the mail this week so that I can work at least two days before the con to get my funds up. Anime Boston at this point has officially deemed the nickname "Financial Clusterfuckcon" in my eyes. However despite this ill will and bad luck,I'm still looking forward to the weekend. Despite the odds that have been against me for the past two AB's (AB06:Allergic outbreak. AB07:almost getting fired for disapearing without notice and not requesting the days off in advance) I still manage to have literally tons of fun.So I guess all I can do is put on a smile and have fun again this year

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You know how if the groundhog sees it's shadow and gets scared,we have six more weeks of winter?Well think of Katsu as the groundhog,and if Katsu is epic win,it's gonna be a good year.But if it's epic fail,the year turns out shitty.That's my theory.Well in this case Katsu is WIN.EPIC WIN.I have a strong feeling 2008 is going to be a good year.A lot better than the shit year 2007 was.Lots of good times happened this weekend and hopefully the'll spill out across the remainder of the year.

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Perfect season brady?C-C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!!

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Well 2008 begins and so starts a new chapter.I belive we're on season 20 of my life.This year had a smashing start..as in the smashed windows on my car.Smashed by punks trying to steal my amp and subwoofers probably(which weren't even in the car at the time.)They smashed the quarter panel glass and the hatchback glass,only to steal a half empty bottle of tire shine,and my v for vendetta mask is gone,so nothing of value was lost.However I thank the car gods for the glass companies that make house calls.

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What an interesting month it will be this time around.My birthday lands on november 10th,and anime usa is next week(epic wins so far) Perhaps this convention will make up for the fail that was otakon 2007.Things might finally be looking up.Who else is going to Anime Usa?

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I've had it,I am sick of waiting around for my vehicle's registration.If I need to drive,I'm going to fucking drive.I don't care at this point.I'll take the damn ticket. Two weeks and they haven't even cashed the check I sent them.This is bullshit.Fuck the tags,fuck waiting for them in the mail.I'm sick of it!

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Well after today I'll be immobile for the next week.
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My car's registration expires as of today,and I'll be stuck at home.Hopefully it'll come in before anna's halloween party next week.Wheter or not it comes in,I'll still drive the bitch out there,lol.So,like a felon on house arrest,I'll be here,with my computer,xbox360 and my binoculars,looking out at the world,lol.
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