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Barely making it... - mastermind2032
Barely making it...
Well the fates must be against me going to Anime boston this year.What with my funds being so low thanks to being inbetween jobs and AB being so close after Katsucon this year,and the fact that the other night I hit a pothole and blew out a tire,or cracked a rim(Praying it's not the latter,list price for my rim is $700) If it weren't for helping Aaron transport the goods to the convention,I wouldn't bother going at this point.However,as they say "The Show Must Go On!" Here's to hoping that my Taxi license comes in the mail this week so that I can work at least two days before the con to get my funds up. Anime Boston at this point has officially deemed the nickname "Financial Clusterfuckcon" in my eyes. However despite this ill will and bad luck,I'm still looking forward to the weekend. Despite the odds that have been against me for the past two AB's (AB06:Allergic outbreak. AB07:almost getting fired for disapearing without notice and not requesting the days off in advance) I still manage to have literally tons of fun.So I guess all I can do is put on a smile and have fun again this year

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