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$ummertime convention $eason. - mastermind2032
$ummertime convention $eason.
Oh man I'm gonna be so broke...I need to go to work...As most of the masses know,GTA IV dropped tuesday morning at midnight.I can successfully say I've found the game to keep me busy this summer.Anyway I guess if I can peel myself off this couch and go to work,then this weekend I'll probably hit up Sakura Matsuri in BBG for a bit.But after that it's work,work WORK...and jury duty next week...unless I can get out of it...Anyway I have such a busy summer con schedule I need to save up money...and re-evaluate which ones I really need to go to.

First up,
Anime Mid Atlantic: June 12-15
AnimeNEXT: June 19-22(might just give up my room reservation for this one and commute)
Anime Expo: July 2-7
Otakon: August 7-10
Dragon*Con:Really on the fence with whether I want to go to this one this year.
My wallet hurts...

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