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Fuck you holiday week and fuck you economy. - mastermind2032
Fuck you holiday week and fuck you economy.
I didn't think I'd be in this fucked of a position again.At least not for a loooooooooooooooooooooooong ass time. Thanks to the holiday this week on top of the crumbling economy,my business and money has been incredibly fucked. Doing the math,I've actually been LOSING money by going into work this week. I really don't fucking need this,especially with two tickets due this month and a $90 driver's license renewal.I'm losing my patience with this shit...
08 started good(New job,new car,new friends),but since the middle of August,it's been going down a shitty path.Anyway,those of you that I was supposed to meet and hang out with this weekend at AUSA,I won't be able to make it and for that I apologize. being a responsible person and paying my debt is keeping me away.But hopefully I will see the lot of you at manganext and Nekocon,providing cashflow picks up and I can make it.Fuck,I think I'm gonna pull a wise move and take today off,bounce back friday.Anyone want to get in contact and do something today,hit me up.

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